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Ritual LAB - Bondage Workshop

Masterclass with Nicolas Yoroï









Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st
March 2019
10:00 - 19:00

La Scatola dell'Arte
Via dei Latini, 28 - Roma

What is Yoroï Ryu? It is a personal blend of more than 20 years of phyiscal practice. In fact, not only that. It is more like an intuition, a search direction where the final goal is to have a creative and instinctive Kinbaku, based on the instant and the movement. Hereunder is a short text Nicolas wrote quite a few years ago to point you the way:
"The guiding idea is to use Japanese martial art exercises, massages exercises and of course rope skills to design Kinbaku moments where rigger and model are really there, from the first visual contact to the far end of the interaction.
Immobilization is, for this school, merely one aspect of the Japanese art of tying. Movement, mental as well as physical, is also part of the whole. Rigger and model can be seen as involved in a roped dance, where one's move will automatically drive the other's move. During our study, we will therefore study the symbiosis of body and mind, and how to stretch the limits of both of them".

- Working the centre and the destructuring.
- One rope exercises: tension:blance/unbalance/intensity and building of a narrative outline.
- One rope patterns: Enzo (1 to 4) – Gyaku Ashi.
- Suspension and half suspension: transformation work through body weigh transfer.
- Suspension pattern: Yoko Tsuri and variations.

Nicolas Yoroï develops an intimate and humanist kinbaku practice, emphasizing connection, emotional exchange and the uniqueness of the relationship between the rigger and the tied. He has lived for 4 years in Japan, in Tokyo. There, he had the chance to follow the teaching of one of the main Nawashi in Japan: Arisue GO. From him, he received his basic knowledge in Kinbaku. Many other encounters, riggers and senseis have since then helped his understanding of ropes. On another hand, he has been practicing Aikido since 1997. This japanese martial art became his main influence for life and Kinbaku: working in harmony, the center and the posture. The prism of Aikido enables him also to better understand the Japanese culture and philosophy. Thousand and thousand hours of training year after year have a deep influence over his art. As a last point to give, he did study massage, especially thai massage and trigger points. That proves very useful to grow his skills and nurture his capability to push people to their limits and to create new patterns. He started ropes in 1998, which became a daily practice in 2008 and has been teaching it since 2011.

Saturday €120 per Couple
Sunday €140 per Couple
Both days €200 per Couple

Ritual LAB
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