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Ritual LAB - Bondage Workshop

Masterclass with Osaka Dan & Gestalta

30/06 - 01/07








Libera Accademia Bondage 

Osaka Dan & Gestalta

Saturday 30th June
Sunday 1st July 
10:00 - 18:00

La Scatola dell'Arte
Via dei Latini, 28 - Roma

Osaka Dan and Gestalta both have their roots in Kazami style rope. 
Osaka Dan discovered the art of Japanese Rope Bondage whilst on a working holiday in Osaka, Japan in the late 00’s. He began studying with Kazami Ranki in 2012, consequentially becoming the first foreigner granted permission to teach Kazami style. Since then, he has opened a successful school in Toronto (the Toronto Kinbaku Salon), and has performed and taught in Australia, Japan, Canada, USA, and Europe. His style, much like his personality, is heartfelt, intense and self deprecating. He probably needs more practice. 
Gestalta’s approach to shibari has evolved as the result of over a decade of practice on both sides of the ropes and a broad range of influences which she appropriates, mixes and develops in her own practice. She absorbed much of her rigging technique as a natural process of observation and experience from inside the ropes of the people she was tied by - with the years she spent modelling for Kazami Ranki (2011 - 2014) being amongst the most influential. This has shaped her teaching style into one that seeks to reflect the experience of both tying partners on a deep level. 
They both have a strong interest in using transitions and performance based technique as a creative way to develop new ties.

This workshop will focus both on the variations of Kazami TK, and also on using a range of alternative suspension suitable harnesses.
We will work each harness into a static suspension and / or creative transition sequence based around the strengths and limitations of that harness. We aim for all of the ties to be versatile, and suitable for both play and performance situations.
Exercises are multi level and we will present alternatives for different levels - we ask students to stick to tying at a level they are comfortable with.
This workshop also look at ties from the perspective of both the rigger and the model and Gestalta will be teaching partners from both sides of the rope throughout the workshop.

Riggers should be comfortable tying any style of 2 rope TK to a suspension safe standard. Attaching and locking suspension lines safely and efficiently. Experience with static suspensions.
Models should have familiarity with being in suspension, and have a knowledge of their body within common ties (i.e. TK).

€180 per Couple before 20th May
€220 per Couple after 20th May

Ritual LAB
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